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Rachel Ginis of Lilypad Homes
Rachel Ginis, Lilypad Homes

RACHEL GINIS • Lilypad Homes

Lilypad Homes is a design, build, and property management firm with a special purpose focused on helping women. Rachel has specialized in high-end residential design for the last 20 years. She spent the past 10 years at Sandra Bird Designs where she focused on kitchens and bathrooms. “I am particularly fond of designing bathrooms. I think of them as little sanctuaries to self.” Rachel is a designer and general contractor who specializes in space and energy efficiency. She is LEED Accredited, a Green Point Advisor for Existing Homes, and an energy efficiency and systems specialist through the Building Performance Institute. These days she is particularly interested in creating small rentable spaces in existing homes to provide housing for women. “We are desperately in need of rental housing for our daughters, our mothers, and women who work in our community.”

The income generated from these small rental spaces also helps women live in their homes more comfortably by providing substantial extra income. Lilypad also helps manage these properties. They find and screen the people to live in these private apartments and take care of the property. These rentable spaces can range from repurposing extra space in your home to building a cottage behind the house. The return on investment is impressive. Building a little home for someone also creates a wonderful sense of community, without homeowners giving up their privacy and security. These small rentable spaces are helping young families purchase homes and older families stay in their homes after retirement and age in place.

Lilypad looks at your home as your greatest most personal investment. We help you increase the beauty, value, comfort, and enjoyment of your home. That may mean remodeling a kitchen or bathroom, adding an addition, upgrading the energy systems, or creating a lovely little living space that gives a woman a home in our community. Of course these spaces can house anyone – men included! Lilypad is your trusted advisor in the improvement, care, and management of your home. We look forward to helping you create the home of your dreams.

Rachel is currently working on a model ordinance to make these in-home JR units easily permitted. “We live in a gilded cage. There is no place for our own children to come home and live affordably.” She needs the support of women in our community to get the ordinance passed. Please talk with Rachel about this important initiative when you see her at our next meeting. Homes are sacred spaces. To have one is joyous. To share one is divine. We are building a strong and resilient community to pass down to our children and our children’s children.

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