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– Materials to Bring –

Laundry lint
Small leaves, flowers
Apron or smock

PULP FICTION (papermaking)
Tuesday, May 22, 2012 • 10:30am-1:00pm

Handmade paper

In this workshop, we will be making paper that can be used in handmade cards, as backing for photographs, and/or used to assemble a handmade book the following week (5th Tuesday - May 29). There is nothing like handmade paper to personalize a project. It is substantial and surprising, and can be made with a variety of textures, colors and inclusions. Some screens will be furnished; you can also make your own screen to take home and make more paper any time you like!

While basic materials will be provided, you may want to bring any of the following to supplement or share:
- White or colored paper from junk mail or old flyers. (My supply of junk mail seems to be decreasing!)
- Small natural materials: flowers, leaves, petals, garlic & onion skins, plant stalks, etc. It is best if they are small and reasonably flat, but don't need to be pressed. (I have dark red rose petals, a few johnny-jump-ups, scarlet pimpernel, and a few other goodies like maple and ivy leaves and fern tips.)
- Dryer lint! This helps to increase the "rag" content of the paper, making it a bit stronger and slightly different texture.
- Threads! If you have picked out a seam lately, these short colored threads can be interesting to add.
- Smooth kitchen towels: cotton or linen are best (not terrycloth). If your paper is not dry by the time the workshop is over, you will need these to lay between your pieces of paper to prevent them from sticking to each other!
- Wear an apron, smock or clothes you won't worry about! While papermaking isn’t THAT messy, the pulp might splash onto your clothes and, while it will come off (eventually), why worry?

— This workshop is free for members; $20 for non-members (annual membership June 2011-2012 is $20; join today).
— Please RSVP to by Tuesday, MAY 15 (we need to have enough deckle frames for participants).
— BRING MATERIALS to share; see above for a list.


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