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May Workshop

Tuesday, May 24
Corte Madera Community Center,
498 Tamalpais Dr.
Corte Madera

TV shopper

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Plants at plant swapTRAVELING THIS SUMMER? OR NOT?
Many of us have a gadget that we can’t live without. Some of us think we might WOOT (Want One Of Those), but we’re hesitant because the selection is too vast and reading reviews gets to be overwhelming. This is YOUR chance to see what our members like (and don’t like) about the gadgets they got.

What We Brought and Where to Get It
Item Comments: Why I like it Photo & where to purchase




Samsung NC10 netbook



Knitting gadgets:
Sleeve wheel



Peach pitter
Peach pitter

This wonderful fruit tool is designed to pit cling-stone peaches, nectarines, and plums. The extra-sharp edge can also scrape the seeds and strings from winter squash, take the choke out of artichoke, and cut the membrane out of citrus shells for making orange cups. The sharp point of the spoon can pit a peach without cutting in half. 



Cake slicer
Cake slicer

Makes it easy to split a layer into two even ones. Also shaves off a “crowned” top so that layers are uniform thickness. Comment from users: only works well with softer cakes, not crusty ones.

CakeArt in San Rafael


Smooth edge can opener
Oxo smooth edge can opener

This tool really does leave a clean, safe edge on both the can and the lid. Plus, you can use the lid to completely cover the can after it has been opened, which you can’t do with conventional can openers.

Jim Corbet’s in Larkspur







"Just a phone"



SanDisk Sansa Clip+ mp3 player
Sansa Clip+ mp3 player

Love it because it I can “read” while doing something else (walking, weeding, etc.). It’s tiny, has great sound, and a this version -- the Clip+ (Plus) -- uses a microSD card so you can have extended storage, or can transfer to different devices. It has a countdown timer so you can listen to it while going to sleep; also an FM radio and a voice recorder! You can also listen to a wide array of audio books and music from the digital libraries:


Lightweight solar charger




See how they work and get an honest evaluation about:
- cameras
- mp3 players
- DVD players
- tablets and/or netbooks
- electronic readers
- smart (or not smart) phones
- hair dryers
- immersion blenders
- you name it – it just has to be portable (and, yes, you can bring more than one thing).

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