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Some other plants that were swapped

Sunflower seeds
Strawberries • Oregano
Sword fern
Succulents: Kalanchoe, Hens & Chicks, Sedum, Polysperma 
House plants
Water plants

Worms • Pots
and more!

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April 26, 2011
Gardeners who were looking for a way to diversify their gardens came and traded over 100 plants at our April Garden Swap!

Garden swap participants
Just a few of the participants (plants & people)
Borage flower - click for a larger photo
Borago officinalis
BORAGE: Flowers and seeds have a delicate cucumber flavour - flowers are perfect in salads, frozen in ice cubes, or steeped in boiling water to make a wonderfully restorative tea. Showy blue flowers attract bees and butterflies; stems and leaves are a bit prickly.
Flowering quince - click for larger photo
Chaenomeles japonica

FLOWERING QUINCE: These hardy, robust shrubs are valued for its beautiful spring flowers. The single rose-like flowers emerge in clusters of 2–4, early in the spring, and often before leaves develop. The oblong, serrated foliage opens bronze red and fades to a glossy dark green. The non-fruiting heirloom variety available at the swap grows to 6 ft.

Feverfew - click for larger photo
Tanacetum parthenium
FEVERFEW: This plant has bright green leaves with a pungent aromatic scent when touched and small clusters of white single or double flowers with flat yellow centers that look like miniature daisies. Great cut filler flower. Traditionally used to reduce fevers and proven to be good for migraine headaches. [citation] Santa Barbara daisyErigeron karvinskianus
SANTA BARBARA DAISY: This trailing groundcover is also known as “Fleabane” and “Mexican Daisy” and is a nectar source for the Painted Lady Butterfly and beneficial wasps. It spreads 3-5 feet wide and grows 1-2 feet tall, will take poor soil and drought and performs best if cut down periodically.
Yarrow - click for larger photo
Achillea millefolium
YARROW: This plant has feathery green leaves with tough stalks that have flattish, loose heads with small clusters of single white daisy-like flowers. Poultices made from yarrow leaves are traditionally used to staunch bleeding. Dried leaves have been used as a tea, reputedly to ease the symptoms of colds and to cure "melancholia." ivy geranium
GERANIUM: People brought a several varieties of this reliable flowering plant: scented, ivy, trailing, variegated and more. For a reliable show of color with minimal fuss, you can’t beat a geranium!
Parsley leaves
Petroselinium crispum neapolitanum
FLAT LEAF PARSLEY: Parsley is rich in vitamins and how can you not eat a lot of it when it’s growing in the garden? Attracts beneficial insects when in flower; reseeds readily. Oregano - click for larger photo!Origanum (probably "Hopley's Purple) OREGANO: Hardyperennial takes heat and drought. Blooms midsummer with small sprays of purple flowers that attract bees. Cut flowers dry well.
garlic chives
Allium tuberosum
GARLIC CHIVES: Flat leaf variety of chives with a garlic flavour, attractive white flowers that bees love; leaves and green flower buds used in Asian cooking and omelets; reseeds readily. garlic chives
Crassula (?)
SUCCULENT - Jade plant: Blossoms with spectacular yellow flowers in spring. Like most succulents, it can be grown sandy or rocky soil and tolerates drought. Stems are quite brittle and break off easily. Can also be used for bonsai!
Aeonium cyclops - click to see larger photoAeonium cyclops SUCCULENT - Aeonium: This was only one of many succulents brought to the swap. This particular plant features brown to purple-brown rosettes with green centers. Branching habit; grows to approximately 12" across. Produces a magnificent bouquet of yellow flowers (click photo to see larger picture and flowers!).   AND MANY MORE!

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