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Tuesday, Feb. 23
“For the Birds”
Here are some of the houses we made!

Kimberly's big birdhouse
Kimberly’s recycled wood birdhouse ^
Alexandra's birdhouse
^ Robin’s wren house ^

see photos from other workshops!

WORKSHOP: Making Birdhouses

FEBRUARY WORKSHOP: For the Birds (bird houses & feeders)
February 23, 2010 • 10:30am-1pm
At this workshop, we constructed and decorated a bird houses. Everyone went home with at least one finished house!

Here are some additional resources and plans you might like to try:
- Attracting birds to your garden
- Coffee Can Birdhouse plans & instructions from (or in PDF)
- Recycled bird feeder plans & instructions (pdf)

Birdhouse workshop Birdhouse workshop Kitty's birdhouse Alexandra's birdhouse Camouflaged birdhouse Alexandra's birdhouse Birdhouse workshop


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