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WORKSHOP: Bringing Bees Back to Your Garden

European honeybeeMAY WORKSHOP
‘Bringing Bees Back to your Garden
with Dr. Gordon Frankie
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May 26, 2009, 10am-noon

DR. GORDON FRANKIE and his assistant, Conservation of Natural Resources (UCB) graduate JAIME PAWELEK, presented the findings of Dr. Gordon Frankie’s research on the decline of bees and discussed how we, as home gardeners, can make our gardens hospitable to these essential insects toward the betterment of the environment in our own garden and on a larger scale. Jaime had many photographs -- and real specimens! -- of different kinds of bees that can be lured into your garden to help pollinate flowers and crops. She discussed the life cycles of our native bees and how they have developed to emerge at the same time as the flowers they prefer to pollinate. She gave many examples of flowers that will attract bees, and how a healthy garden -- with a variety of plants and flowers -- can support many types of bees.




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