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WORKSHOP: BAY FRIENDLY GARDENS with Marin Master Gardeners

April 28, 2009
BAY-FRIENDLY GARDENS with Marin Master Gardeners
In this workshop, we had two presentations on BAY-FRIENDLY GARDENS, a program that encompasses the condition of your soil, planting materials and irrigation techniques as they contribute to your irrigation needs and runoff. This program aims to foster both water conservation and to minimize detrimental runoff to our waterways. The two presentations were on “Water-Wise Gardening” and “Getting Rid of the Lawn” led by MARIN MASTER GARDENERS who have received additional training in these specialized areas. Gardeners in the MMWD may contact the Master Gardeners Program and request a walk in their garden with trained volunteers to offer suggestions such as those that are offered in the workshop.

— VISIT, the Marin Master Gardeners website
— VISIT, the Marin Municipal Water District website
— VISIT, the website for the California Native Plant Society


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