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Birte mixing doughTuesday, February 26
HANDS-ON BAKING: Danish Wheat Rolls and Apple Kringle

Rita Nattestad said, “Please join me when we bake different kinds of bread. I believe the best way to learn to bake is to get our hands into the dough and start kneading!” Participants made TWO recipes: easy and tasty Danish Wheat Rolls with Oatmeal, and (while the dough was rising), they also made Danish Apple Kringle. Participants needed no experience in baking or cooking to attend went through the activity at an individual pace. CMWIC provided the ingredients.
— See Rita’s (silent) YouTube video!
Get the Kringle recipe (pdf)

Mixing yeast dough Forming the rolls Bakers with rising dough Bakers with rising rolls Rising kringle Danish baked yeast rolls Yum!

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