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Marathon BridgeWHEN:
Third Tuesday of each month, except for December. The hall is open at 11:30 am; play begins by 12 noon unless other arrangements have been agreed upon. A new season starts each September. If you are interested in joining for the next year, please send an email to

Corte Madera Community Center, 498 Tamalpais Drive, Corte Madera

The bridge group’s annual fee is $15, due in September.

Each year, a schedule of games is created. Teams whose numbers are printed in red should contact the teams they are to play with that month, to confirm that everyone plans to attend and to establish the starting time.

Play 24 hands, eight with your partner, and eight with each of the other players at your table. Standard contract bridge scoring is used. There is no penalty for re-deals, but opening is mandatory with a 14 high-card-count. Score games as in normal rubber bridge: 700 points for a two-game rubber; 500 points for a three-game rubber; 300 points for a game in an unfinished rubber; 100 points for a part score in an unfinished rubber at game’s end.

At the end of every session, individual scores are tallied, and high-score prizes for the year will be awarded in July. In addition to a prize for the highest total score for the year, second and third highest scores will win prizes, as will the highest score received in any one session during the year.

Players are responsible for getting their own substitutes if unable to play. On the bridge roster (supplied when you join) are names and phone numbers of people who have offered to substitute when available. Other people may be asked, as well. If no one can be found to substitute, makeup games may be played anywhere, at any time up until the end of June. Scores from makeup games should be turned in to the recordkeeper so they can be recorded.

ADDITIONAL NOTES for Marathon Bridge
Light refreshments are served, and players are asked to take a turn bringing refreshments once during the year. Cake, cookies, cheese and crackers, or tea sandwiches are welcome (it’s not supposed to be a real lunch). A sign-up sheet is available at the first session, in September of each year.

QUESTIONS? Please contact:
  Agnes van der Hoeven, Bridge Chairperson
  Jana Haehl, Recordkeeper



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