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Besides great food, our wide-ranging conversations include getting the latest civic information for the Twin Cities, networking for business, and personal management tips. We’ve also had a variety of more formal presentations, including the following:

  • Water-wise Gardening & Water-saving Tips (2014/02/11) — About this program
  • Zero Waste Marin (2014/01/14) — About this program
  • Holiday Luncheon (2013/12/10) — no program
  • Book Talk! (2013/11/12) — About this program
  • Overcoming Adversity: Personal Stories of Hope and Inspiration (2013/10/08) — About this program
  • Bring a Friend to Lunch (2013/09/10) — no program
  • Larkspur Essential Community Service Needs and Revenue Options, or Potholes, Disaster Preparation & More: What’s Important to You? (2013/06/11) — About this program
  • Spring Luncheon Tea (2013/05/14) — no program
  • Volunteering to Support Our Community (2013/04/09) — About this program
  • Changes to bayside Corte Madera (that affect all of us) (2013/03/12) — About this program
  • Marin Medical Reserve (2013/02/12) — About this program
  • Highway 101/Greenbrae Interchange - a presentation by Transportation Authority of Marin (TAM) (2013/01/08) — About this program
  • Holiday Luncheon (no program) (2012/12/) — See invitation
  • Ring Your Bell (2012/11/13) — See presenters
  • Twin Cities Update (2012/10/09) — Lunch with the Mayors
  • Ring Your Bell (2012/09/11) — See presenters
  • Mother’s Day Tea (2012/05/08) — no program
  • Twin Cities Update with Diane Furst (Corte Madera) and Ann Morrison (Larkspur (2012/03/13) — About this program
  • Safety in the Home & Community with Officer Patty (2012/02/14) — About this program
  • Second-Hand Smoke (2012/01/12) About this program
  • Holiday Luncheon (no program) (2011/12/13)
  • Starting Your Own Business or Going Back to Work (2011/10/11) About this program
  • Marin Village: The Village Concept – Helping Seniors ‘Age in Place’ (2011/03/09) About this program
  • Ring Your Bell! (2011/03/08) See presenters
  • CERT & Preparing for Disaster (2011/02/08) About this program
  • Update on Schools (2011/1/10)
  • Holiday Potluck Luncheon (2010/12/09)
  • Ring Your Bell! (2010/11/09) See presenters
  • Larkspur History (2010/10) Read synopsis
  • Twin Cities Update (2010/09) Read synopsis
  • Ring Your Bell! (2010/03)
    Synopsis coming (with web links to additional resources)
  • Marin Brain Injury Network (2010/02) — Read synopsis (with web links to additional resources)\
  • Twin Cities Update (2010/01) — Read synopsis (with web links to additional resources)
  • Ring Your Bell! (2009/11) — Read synopsis (with web links to additional resources)
  • Second-Hand Smoke (2009/10) — Read synopsis (with web links to additional resources)
  • Seniors in Transition (2009/09) — Read synopsis (with web links to additional resources)
  • Mother’s Day Luncheon Tea (no program) (2009/05) See photos
  • Using the Water We Have: Dan Carney from the Marin Municipal Water Department talked about water conservation measures. (2009/04)
    Read synopsis (with web links)
  • Twin Cities Update #2: Kathy Hartzell, Larkspur City Council, and Valerie Pitts, Larkspur School District Superintendent (2009/03)
  • Twin Cities Update #1: Bob Pendoley, Asst General Manager of Corte Madera (2009/02)
    Read synopsis (with web links)
  • Finding Bargains: Members shared tips, tricks and top picks for stretching hard-earned dollars (2009/01)
    Read synopsis (with web links) or get printer-friendly PDF
  • Holiday Luncheon: No program, just lots of good food and a chance to chat with friends. (2008/12)
    See photos
  • Health Care for All: About the grassroots effort for creating a single-payer healthcare system in California (2008/11)
    More information about this program, with links to websites and contacts
  • What are the issues? Presentation by the League of Women Voters: Two representatives from the League of Women Voters gave a presentation on the issues facing us on the November 2008 ballot.
  • Advanced Directives - Why and How: Also known as a Living Will, Health Care Directive, or Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care, an Advance Directive informs others about your wishes. Find out why this is important and how you can set one up.(2008/09).
    More information about this program, with links to forms and websites
  • Ring Your Bell Day #2: Seven women each gave a short presentation about a project about which she is passionate (2008/08).
    More information coming soon, along with informative links to related websites.
  • Careers for Women in Nonprofits: Norma LaRosa, Program Director at the Cross Cultural Journeys Foundation, talked about her own fulfilling work, and give tips and guidelines on how to parlay your own passion into a job you can feel good about (and get paid for it)! (2008/07).
    More information about this program
  • Ring Your Bell Day: Eight dynamic women each gave a short presentation about a project about which she is passionate (2008/06).
    More information about all eight presentations.
  • Our Local Library: Nancy Davis, head librarian at the Corte Madera branch of the Marin County Free Library (MCFL), talked about what’s currently available at local libraries and plans for the future, based on a survey that was commissioned to help the library evaluate its services, physical buildings and patron needs.
    More information about the MCFL
    — Get the 2007 Services & Facilities Vision Plan (5.4Mb pdf)
    More information on the future of the MCFL
  • Fair Trade Certified logoFair Trade: Alli Reed made a presentation about Fair Trade, a way to use your spending dollars to help bring social justice to small farmers around the world. Alli is the Northwest Coordinator of United Students for Fair Trade. (2008/04)
    For more information and where to buy Fair Trade goods in your area, see: and, and look for the logo at left
  • Special discussion with Bob Pendoley, Corte Madera’s Planning Director. Our town is on the brink of many changes — to the Village, the freeway exits, the WinCup factory, school facilities, affordable housing, and more. Bob is one of the few people who knows about everything that’s going on! (2008/03)
  • Twin Citites Update: Status of facilities modernization at the Larkspur School District (LSD), by Superintendent Valerie Pitts, with questions answered by School Board members Monica Bonny, Sherrie Mowbray and Facilities Committee member Jenn Bernabie. The Facilities Committee has been gathering information and looking at options, and the next few months they plan to develop a proposal for dealing with the growing number of children in Corte Madera and Larkspur. Their next meeting is March 10, 6pm, at the Hall Middle School Library, and they encourage everyone to come. (2008/02) For current information, visit the LSD website:
  • Twin Cities Update: Status of facilities modernization at the TUHSD (Tamalpais Union High School District), by Susan Schmidt & Sarah Schoening; Corte Madera Community Center & The Village expansion plans; status of Niven property plans in Larkspur and Larkspur Centennial plans (2008/01). SEE summary and more information on these topics
  • GetReady94925! The CMWIC hosted this first disaster training in Corte Madera for almost 100 people. For more information about preparing yourself and your family for a disaster, go to
  • Too Much Stuff! Over 40 people came to hear member Jeannie Perry give a presentation on professional organizers and tips for taming the clutter-beast!
  • Re-Thinking Plastics: Stuart Moody of Green Sangha gave a sobering presentation on the dangers of plastics and plastics pollution, and also gave positive suggestions on how to use less plastic in our daily lives. Patty Garbarino of Marin Sanitary and Jim Varone of Mill Valley Refuse also contributed by talking about plastics and recycling.
  • Larkspur — from Naughty to Nice: Helen Heitkamp from the Larkspur Heritage Preservation Board, gave us a tantalizing history of Larkspur’s racier past!
  • Proposed Twin Cities Police Dept. Facility: Captain Todd Cusimano and Chief Phil Green of the Twin Cities Police Dept. (TCPD) answered questions about the proposed TCPD facility (March 2007).
  • Getting Prepared for Disaster: Tips for getting prepared for a local disaster, from the obvious “must-do” of collecting food, water, prescriptions and sundries, to the less-obvious, such as backing up your computer.
  • Estate Planning: A professional estate planner told us what we needed to do. Some of us were spurred on to complete our estate planning, or at least start!
  • Book Exchange: Bring a book, get a book (or two or three).
  • Writers Share: A newly-published author shared her new book, and the work it took to get published. Fascinating!
  • Travel Programs: So far, we’ve vicariously enjoyed trips to Mexico, Paris and Poland. Where will we go next? Find out great places to see and stay, all around the world.
  • Backpacking Solo on the Pacific Crest Trail: One of our members is section-hiking the Pacific Crest trail. In addition to a slideshow of stunning photographs, she showed what she actually carries in that backpack, and answered questions about what it’s like to be a woman alone for 600 miles.

We are always open to suggestions for programs. Please contact any of the organizers:

DISCLAIMER: In some cases, we provide links to businesses and organizations. These links are provided fo convenience and information ONLY, and are not to be construed as a Club endorsement of these entities.


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